Welcome to Exact Hosting! We’re excited you’ll be joining us!

Thank you for taking the time to read this Frequently Asked Questions page about the upcoming migration of your services from Enom Retail to Exact Hosting. Exact Hosting is owned and operated by Tucows Inc, which also owns Enom. The migration of your services is happening so that we can provide a better overall experience for our customers. Both during and after the migration, you’ll have access to a dedicated support team for domains, hosting and value added services. In addition, this migration will allow us to offer an even better web hosting experience.

Please continue reading through the questions below so that you are familiar with how you will access services after we complete the migration. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime, either via phone or email with your questions.

Who is Exact Hosting?

Exact Hosting is owned and operated by Tucows Inc, which also owns Enom & Bulk Register.

Here’s what will be staying the same:

  • Pricing: The prices for all your services will remain the same.
  • Value Added Services: Your products and their associated features will carry over to Exact Hosting.
  • Hosting Control Panel: Your hosting services will remain on Plesk.
  • Email functionality: Email will remain as Web Hosting Email. In some cases you may also see this referred to as Enhanced Email.


Here’s what will be different:

  • Managing your services: Your services will no longer be accessible at Enom, instead, we will send you a new login to manage your services at https://my.exacthosting.com. You will also pay for and order new services from this new client area. https://help.exacthosting.com/hc/en-us/sections/115001785107-Manage-your-account
  • Customer Support: Exact Hosting will now provide full support for all of your services. We have a dedicated team that can be reached at help@exacthosting.com or by calling 1-434-951-7900 or 1-844-818-1150.
  • Payments: Your billing statements will now show ‘EXACTHOSTING’ as the merchant. Please ensure your credit card information is up to date with Exact Hosting. https://exact.help/update-credit-card
  • Domain Registrar: While your domain name will remain with Enom, all support, billing and renewal inquiries should be directed to Exact Hosting.
  • Website: Your website will move to newer, more powerful servers, running CPanel version 86+. https://help.exacthosting.com/hc/en-us/sections/115001892388-cPanel
  • DNS: During the migration, we will copy and update the existing zone file to the new information automatically. We won’t change any of your custom settings and you should not experience any downtime.
  • Improved Customer Service: You can expect improved customer service as a result of this migration. If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming migration, please contact the Exact Hosting support team. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I log in to the client area?


How do I reset my client area password?


How do I update my credit card information?


How can I pay an invoice?


How can I add a secondary contact to my account?

At Exact Hosting we refer to a sub account as a secondary user that can manage an existing client account. https://exact.help/add-portal-account-contacts

How do I log in to my Plesk Control Panel?


How do I reset my Plesk Control Panel Password?


How do I purchase a domain?


How do I purchase Plesk Hosting and/or Can I purchase plesk Hosting?

At this time we are only offering CPanel for new hosting accounts. CPanel is very similar to Plesk and in some ways more powerful and user friendly. For information on new hosting accounts, please visit our Hosting Plan page https://exacthosting.com

Do you offer cPanel?

Yes, we offer cPanel hosting with all our plans.

How do I sign up for cPanel hosting?


What nameservers do I need to use?

For cPanel hosting the following nameservers may be used:

ns1.exacthosting.com and ns2.exacthosting.com

For Plesk hosting the following nameservers may be used:







Email: help@exacthosting.com

Phone: 1-844-818-1150 or 1-434-951-7900

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:00AM–8:00PM EST

Help Center: https://help.exacthosting.com/hc/en-us